Welcome Back!
Thank you supporting small businesses like ours after what has been a very challenging year so far for all of us. 
Like all businesses, we have been working hard during the last several months to ensure that we can offer our customers a safe and clean environment for you all to enjoy. 

In order to keep everybody safe, we ask you to follow the measures we have put in place and adhere to the guidelines as set out by the government. 

- Sanitize your hands when you enter the premises, when you leave the premises, after you have used the toilets or gone outside for a cigarette. 

- Stay 1m apart from other customers at all times. 

- Use our new online app to place orders where possible.

- If you cannot use the app, contactless payment is preferred.

- Do not congregate at the bar - a member of staff will visit your table to take your order as soon as they can.

- Follow the one-way system as sign-posted when moving around the premises.

- Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when using the toilets. Use the sanitizer provided.

- Keep volume levels to a minimum - raised voices, singing and shouting can cause harm to others.

- Please follow any instructions given to you by any member of staff - they are helping to keep you safe.

- Show respect for our team members and all other customers around you at all times. 

By following these guidelines, you will be helping to ensure the safety of everyone and ensuring that pubs and other businesses can remain open for everyone to enjoy safely.

Many thanks,
Everyone at The Old Restoration